About DRE

Since 1989, a wide-range of San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles County businesses have trusted Orange, CA-based DRE for their electrical and low voltage installation needs.

DRE is a fully licensed, and insured C-7/C-10 contractor. Our 25+ years of diverse experience and team of highly trained field technicians translates into seamless, efficient networking, building integration and other electrical projects.


  • Founded in 1989 by President and Principal Owner David Hoover
  • A couple of years later, Andy Sanchez and Chad Sterling joined the company and they worked out of Dave’s garage to build the business
  • In 1997, DRE’s headquarters expanded to a shared office space in Anaheim to accommodate more growth 
  • Two years later, the team and corporate office relocated to Orange in their current business park
  • Next, in 2000, DRE hired Amy Harding for full-time accounting services
  • DRE’s first major project was for Pacific Miniatures
  • Their first website was published in 2006
  • In 2012, DRE launched a new logo, brand identity and social media accounts
  • A couple of years later, DRE wrapped their company vehicles in new DRE graphics
  • Today, DRE Power and Cabling, employs over 35 people to their team with gross sales of 7-10 million per year
  • Company Certifications and Memberships:
    • BICSI Member
    • CEDIA Member
    • Eaton Datacom Contractor
    • National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) Certified Installers
    • Leviton Certified Installers
    • NORDX/CDT Certified installers


Our mission is simple. We strive to create lifelong customer partnerships based on a culture dedicated to delivering the highest quality, most cost efficient and client-centered electrical services.

Client Dedication

We aren’t here just to provide power, but also to help power up your business. Our customized approach to each project and job site is developed in partnership with our customers to ensure that the solutions we propose are both the most effective and efficient for your power and cabling needs, as well as best suited to your business needs and goals.


At DRE, we believe that safety is more than just an obligation, but a fundamental way of doing business. Our safety standards are continually improved through rigorous training, employee mentoring and state-of-the-art technology.


Our quality promise stems from a commitment by and to our people. We reward creativity and work pride that advances new ideas and solutions, and we encourage leadership via training and mentoring. This approach equips our team to handle a wide range of electrical projects and challenges with ease and efficiency.

By investing in our growth and our people, we invest in you!