Certified Journeymen Electricians

DRE is looking for Certified Journeymen Electricians to be an integral part of the electrical team. Potential prospects need to be self-starters with focus and a commitment to ensuring a standard of excellence while maintaining compliance with national, state and local electrical codes along with all DRE’s policies and procedures.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Install, repair, maintain and test commercial and industrial electrical systems in full support of DRE’s safety, operations and productivity initiatives.
  • Use industry related hand tools and power tools.
  • Measure, cut, bend, thread, etc. and install wire and electrical cable systems, conduit systems and other wire raceway systems.
  • Feed to, pull into, and terminate wire and cable within control centers, distribution boxes, transformers, transducers, switchgear, receptacles, switches, etc.
  • Splice and terminate wires at junction points.
  • Troubleshoot equipment within electrical systems and control circuits and build control panels from drawings.
  • Prepare sketches and schematic diagrams showing the location of wiring and electrical systems.  
  • Delegate tasks and assist with training other employees.
  • Communicate effectively with Foremen and crewmembers.
  • Maintain workflow schedule to ensure all DRE productivity objectives are met.
  • Demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and courtesy when interacting with colleagues, customers and vendors.

Skills and Experience:

  • Must be a Certified General Electrician with the State of California.
  • Ability to install power systems: lighting, fire protection, security, and data network.
  • Ability to build and install control panels and provide maintenance to systems.
  • Experience using Electrical Single Line blueprints.
  • Experience finding and repairing faults in electrical apparatus and circuits.
  • Ability to verify compliance and functionality of installations.
  • Experience helping with the management of a project and crew.
  • Ability to manage material estimates.
  • Demonstrate strong leadership and pre-planning abilities. 

Physical Demands and Work Environment:

  • The employee may require the ability to do the following:
    • Lift 50 lbs. from ground and pull 50 lbs. of force.
    • Perform ladder climbing, wire pulling and conduit bending.
    • Fully squat, stoop or kneel while wearing a 25 lbs. tool belt.
    • Maintain a standing position for long periods of time while performing repetitive actions such as grasping or manipulating wires.
    • Work off of ladders, man lifts or reach booms.
  • While performing duties of this job, the employee may be exposed to:
    • A variety of weather conditions including cold, rain, heat, etc.
    • High noise levels. 

Employment is contingent upon the individual maintaining a current Certified General Electrician License.